Dog Bite Lawyer

We love dogs. As a society, we buy them, train them, love them, incorporate them into the family unit. But when a dog bites or causes physical injury to either a person or another animal, things can get complicated quickly.  Injuries can be severe and to make matters worse, jurisdictions handle dog bite laws differently, making an already complicated issue even messier. In addition, dog bite law covers state laws, city ordinances, and county ordinances.  And dog bite law will cover any animal that causes injury.  If a pig bites, a goat butts, or a bull gores, you may face liability. When determining liability, you will need to have a clear understanding of how all of these play out in your jurisdiction.

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Birth Injury Lawyer

One of the saddest experiences that you have as a parent is that involving an injury to your child.  Birth injuries are some of the most traumatic, often involving a permanent disability or disfigurement, often requiring a lifetime of medical care and expenses for the child.  These cases are particularly tragic when the injuries were preventable.

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How Much is the Value of my Personal Injury Claim?

You have been injured and it looks like you have a strong case on liability.  As you work with your attorney toward resolution of your personal injury claim, once liability is established, you must determine a value for your claim as well, so that you can move toward settlement or another resolution mechanism.

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Personal Injury Settlement Outside Court

Most personal injury cases are settled before trial. Some are settled before a lawsuit is filed, while some are settled during the litigation process. As a case unfolds, issues of liability and damages and possible defenses to a personal injury claim unfold. Parties, their attorneys, judges, and insurance claims adjustors all work toward resolution. There are several settlement opportunities during the course of a personal injury claim.

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What is Negligence?

Accidents happen and injuries result. But not all injuries are compensable under the law.  Negligence is a legal concept that courts have invented over time to determine which injuries are compensable and which are not. All legal elements, or parts, of negligence must be met in order to have a cause of action for negligence.  In essence, negligence consists of duty, breach, causation and damages. All of these elements are linked.

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What Should a Personal Injury Defendant Do to Avoid Being Sued and to Avoid a Loss

We all hate getting sued. It seems as though lawsuits are a part of doing business these days. But they may not have to be and there are steps that you can take to both avoid getting sued, and to avoid loss.

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Personal Injury Law

What happens when you suffer an injury? Sometimes an injury can result from our own actions.  Sometimes an injury can result from the actions of someone else. Personal Injury law is a tool to apportion responsibility for an injury and,  when an injury is proximally caused by another, to compensate you for that injury.  This sounds simple, but personal injury is far from simple.  Continue reading Personal Injury Law